Sunday, August 7, 2016

In spite of the heat, or maybe because of it, this summer I have managed to keep sewing.  I just finished this quilt for a very special little girl.  She is 8 years old and tells us if she could travel anywhere in the world she would go to Paris, France.  So,  when I found this fabric
I just knew it was a sign and I had to design a quilt for her.

So, here it is. I don't know when it will get quilted as I'm on the hunt for a variegated thread that will match.
I'm sorry it's not a very good photo, but I'll try to get another one after it's quilted.

Bye for now.

Monday, May 23, 2016

It's been a while...

I'm back...  No excuses for my long absence, just didn't have much to say.
We were having our basement renovated and it seemed everything was in an upheaval.
I did keep busy though. I set my sewing machine up on the dining room table, the ironing board was in the living room and I did my best to ignore the chaos around me. lol
Here are some photos of recent projects.

This is the quilt I made for my grandson's big boy bed. I made a pillowcase to go with the quilt but forgot to take a photo.  It's hard to believe he's two already.
Back of Ayden's quilt
Front of quilt

This quilt is quite different from anything I've done before. The colors are so not me, but for some reason the main fabric "spoke" to me. I can't wait to see how it will look once it's quilted.

Haven't got a name for this one yet.
Our local guild held their show a few weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn
my "Dresdens and Dahlias" quilt won a 1st Viewers Choice.

Dresdens and Dahlias

That's it for now.  See you next time.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

A quick note to wish all my Canadian friends a happy Thanksgiving.

I hope to be back soon with photos of a couple of finishes. Bye for now.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm back.... finally.  We've been having a busy , and hot summer!  The last of our company left yesterday and the first thing I did today was set up my sewing machine.  I'm anxious to get started on something new!

I did manage to get a few more blocks done for my new design "Once Upon A Tile".  Only 3 more to go, and then I'll have to make a decision on the layout and border.  For some reason I'm struggling with this one.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Once Upon A Tile

It's been very hot and humid here the past few weeks so I've been sitting in the house, trying to stay cool, and working on a few more blocks of my new design "Once Upon A Tile".

I still haven't decided on a setting for these blocks, but I'm hoping by the time I finish the remaining 5 blocks I'll figure out something.

I also managed to get the binding sewn on to the last 2 quilts I showed you so I just have to do the hand sewing now.  That may take a while!! lol

Bye for now.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my dear Mom's passing.  I still miss her very much.  Mom always loved to see what I was working on and when I would get "stuck" she would encourage me to keep going.  At times, if she didn't like something she wouldn't be shy about telling me.  Often, she would be confirming that nagging doubt that I already had and was trying to ignore!

As promised, here are a few more blocks of my new design, "Once Upon A Tile". The lighting wasn't very good when I took the photos and the backgrounds look like different colors, but they are really all the same.

I'm still not sure how I am going to set the blocks, so for now I'll just keep on appliqueing.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Bye for now.